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Wellstar welcomes you to

Leadership Wellstar Week 2020

Leadership Wellstar Week

Day Five:


We are pursuing opportunities to increase integration and growth for unparalleled access, efficiencies and competitiveness.

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Unlocking the Power of Our "Why"

Everyone at Wellstar has a unique “why.” Why we choose to work in healthcare, why we come to work every day, why we choose to serve at Wellstar and more. What’s your personal “why?” How do you derive purpose from your work or from your opportunities to lead? What excites you about our Vision that helps you motivate your team? Ask yourself these questions as you hear how your colleagues responded to the same questions.

Need for Growth Podcast

At Wellstar, we’ve committed to meeting every person in our communities where they are, when they need us and with the tools and services they need. To continue to do this well, we must constantly seek opportunities to grow with and for those we serve. Consider how your team supports and advances growth in this conversation with system leaders.

Featured in this podcast:

John Brennan, M.D
EVP & Chief Clinical Integration Officer

Kem Mullins
EVP, Ambulatory & Business Development

David Preston
SVP, Brand and Communications

Lessons Learned from Strategic Growth

Wellstar has experienced tremendous change – and tremendous growth – in the last decade. Listen in as a few of our leaders discuss some of the lessons we’ve learned as a system that influence the ways we approach growth moving forward.

Investing in Our Communities

Wellstar Leadership Academy

This live event is set to kick-off at 1:30 p.m. EST – check back then and help us celebrate Wellstar Leadership Academy’s 8th cohort!

How'd We Do?

Tell us what you liked, what you loved, where we can grow, and what you want to see more of in future programming in this quick survey.

For All You Do, Every Day

Wellstar’s Board of Trustees includes exceptional business, healthcare and community leaders in our region. Their diverse experiences, expertise and perspectives inform and advance Wellstar’s path forward – ensuring we’re positioned to meet the needs of every unique person and community we serve and continue to lead the nation in quality, engagement and innovation. See a quick message from this group in the video below where they recognize the remarkable work you do every day, every time, for every person you serve.

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