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Wellstar welcomes you to

Leadership Wellstar Week 2020

Leadership Wellstar Week

Day One:

Patients & Consumers

Our patients and consumers are at the center of everything we do.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values define who we are, how we behave and where we’re going – they are foundational to our organization and serve as guardrails for the work we do every day. No matter our role, we each play a part in enhancing health and well-being, delivering world-class care and living our Values. We all advance the Mission, Vision and Values in different ways, but “who” we’re working for – our patients and consumers – never changes.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences

The “Wellstar Experience” is the culmination of our consumer, patient and employee experiences – it’s every piece of the Wellstar puzzle and how we bring PeopleCare to life. Take a moment to thoughtfully consider your role in defining this experience for your teams and the patients and consumers you serve.

Pursuing Excellence for Our Patients

What differentiates the patient journey at Wellstar and why do patients and consumers choose us for their care? What teams, processes and structures contribute to excellent patient experiences? Learn more on this critical topic and how you can help shape world-class experiences as a leader.

Featured in this podcast:

Jessica Daniels
Executive Director,
System Patient Experience

John Kueven
SVP & President,
Wellstar Paulding Hospital

Tailored Care for All

At Wellstar, our brand promise is to provide “tailored care that values you as a person.” We believe that every person who seeks our services is unique and deserving of world-class care.

We recognize that despite our best efforts and intentions, implicit bias can and does exist in healthcare, and it can radically impact the care provided – from interpersonal interactions to customer service and even the cost of care. As you watch this video, consider how implicit bias impacts your work – and, as we seek to foster diverse, equitable and inclusive experiences in every setting, consider your role in ensuring every voice is honored, every time.

Empathy & Partnership

Keeping patients and consumers at the center of all we do requires partnership, empathy and understanding. How do you infuse empathy into the way you lead? How do you encourage partnership with and among your team? Hear more on this in the quick video below featuring two of our clinical leaders.

Excellence in Information Security

World-class quality and safety for our patients and consumers extends far beyond the bedside – among many other things, it also includes protecting their private information. Each of us plays a key role in ensuring our system and our systems remain secure from ransomware and phishing attacks. Learn more about cyber security can impact an organization in this video below and review the internal resources with additional reminders and best practices, below.

Leading with Your Head and Your Heart

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