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Introducing the Wellstar Experience

Hear from Mary Chatman, Susan Grant and Ralph Turner about our journey to define the Wellstar Experience and the important role we each play to reach our strategic destination and deliver on our promise of PeopleCare.

Enhancing Our Ecosystem of Care

Hear from Dr. Val Akopov, Dr. Hank Capps, Tom Draper, Dr. Pranav Jain, Jessica Kovalesky, Dr. Alan Muster and Leo Reichert about how we are forming strategic partnerships to create an ecosystem of care across Georgia to help more individuals live their best, healthiest lives.

We Are PeopleCare

Watch as Cecilia Castro, Clarke LeGrand, Freda Lyon, Le Joyce Naylor, Stephen Vault, Nick Yaitsky and PFAC member Yolanda Newell about how our PeopleCare brand shapes who we are. We each have a role to play in bringing PeopleCare and the Wellstar Experience to life through digital innovation, community partnerships, team member programs and compassionate service tailored to every individual.

Voice of the Wellstar Experience:

A new father’s letter to Wellstar

Hear from Le Joyce Naylor and LeeAnna Spiva about a heartfelt letter to Wellstar from a new father, praising the exceptional care provided by the team at Kennestone Hospital.


Our Strategic Destination:

What the heck is a digital operating model?

Richie Lewis is joined by Bill Bellando and Matt Terry to talk about Wellstar’s strategic destination and the transformative power of our digital operating model.


Wellstar MCG Health Partnership:

What are we up to now?

Callie Firman is joined by Mary Chatman, Lauren Hopkins, Jason Kelsey and Ralph Turner to talk about their vision for the future of Wellstar WCG Health and the exciting opportunities ahead for this partnership.


Our Commitment to PeopleCare:

Enhancing the health and wellbeing of every person we serve

Jason Hudgins is joined by Danny Abad, Callie Andrews, Melissa Box, Elise Lockamy-Kassim and Evelyn Rosenthal to talk about the innovative ways we’re working together to further our mission and enhance the health and wellbeing of every person we serve.


Leadership Resources

2023 Enterprise Strategy Update
2023 Strategy Plan
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