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Leading Through Change and Challenging Times

2021 Develop:

Self-directed learning opportunities

2021 Explore:

External tools, resources & best practices

2021 Develop:

Self-Directed Learning Opportunities

This section is designed to help you build or enhance the leadership skills you’ll need to guide your team through this month’s topics.

Embracing Joy & Encouraging Wellness

Taking care of ourselves and our teams has never been more important. In this conversation, Dr. Rebecca Gomez, Kaiya Dowtin and Sarah Elliot discuss the importance of leaders’ in creating, facilitating and sustaining joy and wellness on our teams. We encourage you to listen to this 18-minute podcast on a walk around your home, office or facility.

LinkedIn Learning Path: Leading in Difficult Times

We’ve curated a new LinkedIn Learning Path designed just for Wellstar leaders – and just for this moment. We encourage you to leverage these courses to reflect on where you’ve been, where you’ve grown and what you and your teams need to succeed moving forward. See the first in this series, The World of Work is Changing Rapidly, below and click the button to access the rest of the learning path.

Leading Through Change & Challenging Times

2021 Explore:

External Tools, Resources & Best Practices

Learn more about this topic through these external resources.

Toolkit: Managing Employees Through Change

As you learned in our Leading Change virtual class offerings, change is a deeply personal – and often emotional – experience that we all cope with differently. This tool provides the framework you’ll need to have meaningful change conversations with your teams.

Gartner: Managing Employees Through Change

TedTalk: Janice Kovach on Resilient Leadership in Hard Times

What kind of legacy do we want to leave the pandemic era with? Who do we want to be going forward, and what kind of society do we want to live in?  Janice Kovach, the three-term Mayor of Clinton, New Jersey, explores these critical questions in this TedTalk. Consider silencing your phone, email and Teams notifications as you listen to this important presentation to best reflect on your experiences as a leader in the pandemic.

TedTalk: Simon Sinek on Finding Your “Why” in Difficult Moments

“Leadership isn’t about being in charge, it’s about taking care of those in our charge.” In the TedTalk below, Simon Sinek, a best-selling author, speaker and leadership expert, shares why our “why” is so important to us as individuals and to the teams we lead every day. We encourage you to listen to this on a walk around your office, facility or neighborhood. Enjoy!

HBR: Surviving or Thriving in Change

This has been a remarkably difficult 20 months for each of us, our teams and everyone we serve. We have weathered the pandemic’s storm well as an organization, due in large part to your leadership, but that doesn’t mean that it’s been easy, and that some days didn’t feel like we were all just trying to keep our heads above water. The article linked below, “Is Your Organization Surviving Change – or Thriving in It?,” reflects on this dissonance and provides actionable next steps to ensure we continue to thrive amidst uncertainty.

HBR: Is Our Organization Surviving Change - Or Thriving in it?

Gartner: Leading Through Uncertain Times

Disruption increases stress, which reduces cognitive capacity, which impacts every aspect of our personal and professional lives – and what has this last 20 months been if not disruptive? As leaders, your teams look to you to establish new norms and solve problems in high-stakes, emotional moments. The article linked below, “Leading Through Uncertain Times: 3 Actions to Navigate a Crisis,” provides strategic recommendations on how you can reflect on and reassess on your personal leadership practices, challenge the status quo, and achieve true work-life integration.

Gartner: Leading Through Uncertain Times: 3 Actions to Navigate a Crisis