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Leadership Wellstar Week 2020

Pursuing excellence is an imperative for us all. Today, we’ll talk about what performance excellence looks like in your role – whether that’s a fierce commitment to safety and quality, elevating how you round with your teams or ensuring that we deliver equitable, high-quality care that values every individual we serve.

Leadership Wellstar Week

Day Three:

Performance Excellence

We deliver the highest quality services and expertise across clinical and support functions.

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Safety & Quality: Leaders' Role

The Power of Presence

Rounding is more than a department meeting with your team or a “hello” in the hallway. Rounding is a powerful, strategic tool that impacts safety, quality, retention and more. Learn how every leader at Wellstar can help shape exceptional team member and caregiver experiences through this evidence-based practice in the video below.

For Every Person, Every Time

Amid unequal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and renewed calls for social justice, health equity and health disparities have been front and center in the national conversation this year. At Wellstar, we have a longstanding commitment to providing people-centric care for all. Learn about what health equity really means and the impactful work underway across our system.

Featured in this Podcast:

John Brennan, MD
EVP & Chief Clinical Integration Officer

Jeffrey Hines, MD
Medical Director, Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity;
Chief, Division of Gynecologic Oncology


Shara Wesley
Executive Director,
Community Health and Wellstar Center for Health Equity

A Quality Improvement Mindset

The pursuit of excellence – especially performance excellence – requires a constant curiosity about our work and a relentless drive to find a better way to serve our patients, consumers and each other. Learn more about how smart healthcare organizations are approaching quality improvement in the video below.

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