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-Engaging frontline staff more consistently. Shared leadership is a process we are using to ensure that frontline staff are consistently available to provide insight, advice, and innovation.
-Trust from leaders to staff. I feel we assess trust from staff to leader, but I feel there is a gap when assessing the opposite direction.
-EMR: While I fully support the resources an EMR brings, I feel the current EPIC system is unwieldy, disconnected from POC, and changes too frequently leaving us open to gaps in care. I also feel it drives tasking behaviors instead of critical thinking behaviors on the front lines.
-Current status of system committees, taskforces, and delegation of tasks. I think there is a ton of growth happening on a system level, so I am patient to wait for the shake out, but currently it is often hard to track who owns what pieces.
-Lack of face to face. While I appreciate the flexibility TEAMS gives us, I feel the lack of face to face time is hurting us immensely. I myself have had to work twice as hard to focus and not try to multi-task just because a meeting is virtual. The lack of feedback often felt on calls can be discouraging.