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Wellstar welcomes you to

Leadership Wellstar Week 2020

Welcome back!

Today, we will highlight examples of our Values in Action, discuss how to build trust as inclusive leaders, share resources on finding joy at work and recognize our healthcare heroes for their life-changing and life-saving work for every person, every time.

Leadership Wellstar Week

Day Two:

Caregivers & Workforce

Our caregivers and workforce directly support our patients and consumers, surrounding each patient with the care and services they need.

Share your thoughts! Head over to the Forums to discuss what you’ve learned with your colleagues.

Celebrating Every Voice

At Wellstar, we understand that the unique skills, experiences and perspectives – the unique voice – of every team member and caregiver is key to delivering world-class healthcare and connecting to the communities we serve. Learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Wellstar in the video below.

Trust & Engagement

As leaders, building trust is fundamental to how we support and engage our team members and caregivers. Trust enables us to have the meaningful discussion necessary for growth – the ones that require us to be vulnerable, courageous and lead with empathy.

Explore Wellstar’s journey to building trust and engaging our teams in meaningful ways in this conversation with two of our system’s experts.

Creating Change, Together

Wellstar’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council is a diverse group of leaders representing a variety of departments, facilities, titles, backgrounds and perspectives. Together, they’re advancing meaningful change through key initiatives intended to foster environments that honor every team member, caregiver, patient and consumer voice. Learn more about the Council’s important work today – and what to expect next – in the video below.

Values in Action

No matter your role, facility or department, we are all responsible for living our Values every day we come to work at Wellstar. As you watch this brief video, think about how you and your team put our Values into Action: serving with compassion, pursuing excellence and honoring every voice. If your team was featured here, what examples would they share?

Healthcare Heroes Testimonials

Cultivating Joy at Work

We are all under extra stress right now – professionally and personally. As leaders, we need to be proactive and intentional about supporting our team members and preventing burnout. Learn about psychological PPE, check out a conversation guide for supporting joy at work and hear how fostering joy can advance quality and safety with these resources from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Learn More About Joy at Work

Becoming More Inclusive Leaders

At Wellstar, we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where all our team members and caregivers feel heard, valued and empowered – where they can bring their whole selves to work and know that they will be accepted and their voices will be honored. This requires us to have tough conversations about things that matter – things that shape how each of us interacts with the world and workplaces around us.

When we practice inclusive leadership, we can create this environment on our units, in our hallways and at every Wellstar facility – enhancing team performance, cohesion and motivation, fueling innovation and creativity and ensuring we retain our exceptional team members. Learn more about inclusive leadership with these resources as you seek ways to honor every voice.

Go Deeper: Learner Guides – Inclusive Leadership
Go Deeper: Leader Toolkit - Conversations About Race & Bias
Leadership Wellstar Week

Highlight a Hero


We pursue excellence.

"Nichole Rydahl has been instrumental in our Baldridge work. She’s helped us achieve results that put us among the best hospitals in the country."


We honor every voice.

"Kim Paris honors every voice through her work with elected officials, Chambers, service organizations, churches, schools and first responders. She is an excellent representative of all of us."


We serve with compassion.

"Iman Miles leads her team with compassion, excellence and purpose. Her dedication to safety and world-class patient care is evident in all that she does and we are grateful to have her!"


We honor every voice.

"Dr. Jody Hughes always helps our team(s) navigate millions of previously unanswered questions, situations and scenarios. Cobb is grateful, safer and better because of his leadership!"


We pursue excellence.

"Michaela Harner engages not only her team and her patients, but her peers and other leaders and is constantly seeking to provide world-class healthcare with an uplifting and positive attitude."


We serve with compassion.

"Hellen Adebowale has committed to personally calling all of her patients' families to ensure they receive the same personal and tailored care and compassionate feeling that their loved ones do."

Leadership Wellstar Week

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